SmartxHUB Farm Asset Visibility Features

Scalable To Your Needs
Track hundreds or thousands of valuable assets and Tasks. We are ready to grow with you.
Unlimited Users
Add unlimited users, managers and field staff.
Web Reporting
Users will be able to access real-time asset information and graphics using any web browser.
Brand Your site
You will see your company logo in the Dashboard and PDF file automatically sent to users or customers.

Custom Dashboard
User Configurable Views, Sortable Columns, Built in Search,  Custom Reports, and Graphical view
Multi Site Visibility
Users from distinct departments or groups are able sync the data into a master database without access to other databases.
Import CSV / Excel
Import your assets, labels and RFID tags using CSV / Excel file into Smartx Hub.Easy import of your Assets, Locations, Areas and/or categories
Transfer Assets Locations
Transfer all or selected assets between locations with just a few clicks of the mouse.
Instant Notifications
Get real-time email updates on your assets locations and conditions.
Monitor Asset Condition & Extend Useful Life
Full management and reports on upcoming maintenance events and a history of performed maintenance are straightforward and easy.
Calendar View
Quickly review the number of Tasks and Jobs you have for each day with our calendar view.
Scheduled Reporting
Create reports based on your specific reporting criteria, and have them automatically delivered on a schedule you designate.
Location Min–Max
Set custom triggers based on your optimal minimum and maximum asset inventory levels per location. 
Actions and Jobs Transaction Receipts
Traceability to your asset management process by providing tangible proof of transactions. 
Advanced User Security
Multiple Users with different security Settings on Web & Mobile
Audit Inventory and Assets in Motion with foot print.
Provides a full and complete audit trail. Automated Change History per Asset.
Electronic Proof Of Delivery
Receive real-time POD and Check-Out with signature the moment a job is completed.
Generate Your Own Inventory Reports
Select report criteria and set filters for the data that will be visible in the reports list.
Maintenance Tracking
Ability to schedule both one-time and recurring maintenance, and then perform/log these events using Mobile. 
Signature Capture
Smartx Hub integrates with a mobile signature capture device so you can receive, transfer, and delivery your assets securely.
Enhanced Internal Verification
The Smartx Hub mobile app enables you to approve transactions on a mobile scanning assets and adding photos.
Checkout Equipment with Total Confidence
The asset checkout module enables you to reduce equipment losses, write-offs, and purchasing costs by instantly logging essential asset transaction data in a central solution.
Reserve Equipment Ahead of Time
Control and monitor internal and external requests for assets while instantly knowing if items are available, already checked out, and when they are due for return.
Export To CSV / Excel / PDF
Export your Data to CSV / Excel / PDF file formats for any date range for reporting.
Address Book
Add your regular custody users as contacts and easily retrieve them when adding jobs or assets custody.
Service Contract and Warranty Information
Manage Service and Warranty contract information Expiration Date
Perform Custom Asset List Views
Ability to Customize Asset Listing View and Search values

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