Environmental & Temperature Monitoring

Agro-business facilities rely on temperature-sensitive assets to provide the customer with high-quality products. From vaccines and other medications to blood and lab diagnostic samples, maintaining proper temperature conditions is key to reducing product loss. In addition to milk barn temperature monitoring, light and humidity are also key factors that need to be monitored and constantly maintained.

Critical assets need to be protected from exposure to out-of-range environmental levels, as well as easily tracked with staff visibility into their location, status, and condition. That’s where SmartxHUB platform, the wireless sensors like temperature & environmental monitoring solution comes in.


Automated temperature and humidity monitoring and alerting

SmartxHUB is a web browser-based application that enables staff to monitor the condition of assets. SmartxHUB is the front-end application for temperature and humidity monitoring providing a graphical user interface, a rules/event engine to process incoming tag data, reporting tools and interface capabilities for alerting users via third party software or communication devices.

The rules/event engine in SmartxHUB is used to determine if the temperature or humidity is over or under the required range. If out of range, alerts are sent to responsible personnel. A variety of notification methods are available, including e-mails, PC-based instant alerts or integration with third-party systems (e.g., facilities management). The alerts can be set to trigger only after a specified amount of time out of range, eliminating false alarms which may be caused by temporary situations such as a door being opened. Alerts may be escalated after a configurable amount of time, or if the condition worsens.

SmartxHUB’s sensors, (e.g. temperature and humidity) alert dashboards display all alerts that have been triggered and can be filtered for only those alerts relevant to a specific user. The dashboard also enables corrective action documentation for each alert. The corrective action that is taken to address the alert can easily be logged and updated to show all actions taken in response to the alert.

Automated Sensor monitoring and alerting

SmartxHUB records all historical data in an enterprise-class database and includes on-demand and scheduled reporting tools. Standard reports include condition history, current condition, condition alerts and corrective actions. Reports feature graphical and tabular views which can be printed or exported to Excel, PDF or HTML formats. The solution provides the capability to electronically sign reports. During a network or server outage, the tags continue to measure and record condition data and will upload this information to SmartxHUB following the outage, where it is clearly delineated in reports.



Event & Alert Manager

The SmartxHUB events and notification module enable you to automatically and immediately significant context-based events that require attention. Trigger configurable event types – entrance / exit, overflow shortage, dwell / absence, temperature, humidity, motion, par level, tag battery level, and more. Web-based event creation tool requires no coding.

Smarter decision making

SmartxHUB can be used for everything from choosing locations and planning site layouts to understanding the animal or personnel movements and using those insights to come up with new safety or business strategies. Smartx data platform that collects data from every device, analyzes it in real-time and transforms your information into insights.

Asset Tracking

SmartxHUB solution is able to monitor the health of assets like generators, motors and motorized equipment such as conveyors and lifts by monitoring telemetry data such as vibration and temperature and understanding the trendline on every piece of equipment. This critical information can provide alerts and notify appropriate personnel when a failure is predicted. Further, analytics can be used to study trend lines to predict failures.

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